Messing Law Offices: 2016 Affidavit of Support Calculator™

For use with form I-864 and I-864EZ. DO NOT USE WITH FORM I-134 (rules are different)
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Based on the 2017 Poverty Guidelines
Place mouse over underlined term to see further explanation. On the iPad or other mobile touch screen device, push down on an underlined term and release quickly, like ringing a doorbell.

Sponsor's Relationship to principal intending immigrant :
Minor child of my spouse
My biological or adopted minor child
I am the sponsored person (self-petitioner)
I am a joint sponsor
I am a substitute sponsor who is a of the intending immigrant
Sponsor's Domicile :

Sponsor's immigration status:
U.S. Citizen
Permanent Resident
Sponsor's age:
18 or older
Under 18

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